Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

Press Conference of the first Norwegian Minister after the double bombing. At least 91 victims in two attacks suffered in Norway. Arrested a Norwegian of 32 years is defined as a Christian fundamentalist. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, ranked this Saturday in the worst tragedy since World War II to the double bombing Friday in Oslo and the neighbouring island of Utoya, which killed at least 94 people. Stoltenberg made this statement this morning in a televised press conference, visibly shaken, after the police in 84 the number of deaths on the island, where hundreds of young people were involved in a Social Democrat youth camp, the Party of the Prime Minister. Get more background information with materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. It was an attack on the paradise of my youth, now turned into a hell, added the politician, who before the attack planned to go to the island, place that had visited in his younger years to participate in youth camps and where you were now waiting friends and coreligionists. The attack on the island It happened about 17.30 hour peninsular Spanish, two hours after the attack with car bomb in the Government complex of Oslo, with at least 7 people dead and fifteen wounded.

Contacts with the far right the Minister of Justice, Knut Storberget, in appearance with Stoltenberg, confirmed on the other hand the information previously disseminated by the police, according to which the alleged perpetrator of the massacre, arrested after his action on the island, is a Norwegian of 32 years with contacts with the far right. According to police, the suspect had opinions hostile to islam, as it revealed a record ctuado at his home, where police found several messages hung on the internet with content clutter and anti-Muslim. The suspect, arrested after the massacre on the island and identified by Norwegian media as Anders Behring Breivik, acted alone, according to police investigations in progress. Witnesses told public radio NRK that the assailant entered into Social Democrat youth camp with uniform Police and identified as such to access the site. According to a camp guard, the aggressor explained that he was going to review security and so appreciated, he wore two weapons source of the news: Stoltenberg describes the attacks as the “worst national tragedy” since World War II


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