San Agustin Transplant

Generally, patient Trasplantado, is seen, respected and admired, as the hero, the human being that has survived a complex and risky surgery and deservedly has it so, is a person who has suffered an ordeal and a via crucis is OK, but isn’t everything, we would say that the patient is not the hero is the victim, has its merithis courage, his bravery but is the victim doctors will be Heroes? do they have their role in history, they are the saviors and have the almost mythical fondness of patients and families, they have their important role, by the way, but neither are the heroes will be staff of health of the transplant team heroes? are not staff vital, irreplaceable parts in the gear of the surgery!, valuable people, but neither are the heroes. Who, then, are the real heroes in a transplant? family, women, children! are the real heroes of the film, which are forgotten in himself and delivered by day and night to serve to your loved one only in the name of love!, which they reveal, they don’t eat, they cry in silence, they lose jobs, friends, slim are the true definition of love forget me to devote himself to the Tu, acting Cordis in Cor(como dijo San Agustin), give life for others when my husband return to workall surrounded him, looked at him with curiosity, open and quietly, they wanted to play, listen, I walked behind him, loaded their medicines and their food, all greeted him and congratulated, they waved their value–that if what had indeed – but he turned and looking at me, said to his friends and colleagues there is the true hero of the transplant is my wife, she is the anonymous hero and gave me a kiss and then added that if PC. to my me! they honor saluting my value to it must honor her waving its value and also, and above all his patience, without that patience wise madness and despair would have left us without transplant.. .


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