Internet – The Future Of Civilization

Not much time for which the Internet so that even its creators do not know now its true proportions. Currently, the Internet makes it possible to obtain virtually any information in any area of the anywhere in the world. The emergence of Internet meant a transition to a qualitatively new stage in the development of computer and information technologies, which allow access to any personal kompyutera. mail provides opportunities far beyond the capabilities regular mail: e-mails reach their destination within minutes, regardless of distance, with possible transfer not only text but also graphics images, audio and video materialov. existing in Internet newsgroups, the user can directly communicate with specialists in almost any area, located in different stranah.Internet provides ample opportunities for work and leisure. Currently, most organizations have their own homepage on the Internet. Thus, before the user opens a virtual world. The user has the opportunity to monitor the activities of various government agencies, even government, to find a partner for business, get the latest news about events in politics, economics, science and culture. It can travel around the world, visit museums, exhibitions, art galleries, concerts, libraries, shopping in stores – all without leaving your computer. Recently, not only organizations, but individuals were the ability to open in Internet homepages, which are usually devote to his favorite cause, a hobby that helps unite people of interest, erasing all spatial boundaries.