Age And Conceiving A Child

Pregnancy & Birth magazine survey was conducted among 2,000 Englishwomen at the age of 30, which showed that many young women are not in the best physical shape for conceiving a child – 60% drink alcohol, while 40% are smokers. From smokers, only 26% refused to nicotine when planning a pregnancy, and among their counterparts did 23%. Only 44% of British women during conception, trying to eat healthy foods. Abraham Maslow contributes greatly to this topic. Among the respondents, one third of men and women planning to conceive, have a weight problem. The best age to conceive a child 70% of Englishwomen was named 26 years.

Among the reasons that women still do not have a child, many have called a sense of unwillingness to give birth to a new man, the absence of a partner and a desire to make a career. Editor of Pregnancy & Birth Sarah Hart said: "Women often spend his youth in an attempt to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, and if it does not, then later they all may not be able to give birth. " "We must find a way to persuade young women to give birth to her first child to 30 years. After all, then fertility begins to fall steadily. " According to statistics from the log to 35 years chance of having falls 2 times on what was a woman in 25 years, and to 40 – still twice what was 35. Dr. Alan Pace (University of Sheffield) said that in England every 7 couple has problems conceiving a child that is caused by a variety of factors: women postpone dates of birth first child, the spread of STDs, obesity, etc.

"Giving up smoking and alcohol gives couples a better chance of pregnancy, which will bring a healthy child due to the fact that during the first weeks of pregnancy – a time when organs begin to form, he will be relieved of various toxins. More importantly, Pace said, until it is possible to conceive a child – it is necessary to use it, because then: "People are starting to struggle to have a baby, and ready to go on almost anything to get pregnant. The main thing – do not waste time, until all you can do naturally. "