Sports Nutrition

One of the largest fitness shops in Germany is now on Facebook. The well-known sports food retailer Christian Engel from trier made known now also his Sportnahrungsshop sports nutrition Angel for his website on Facebook. On the Facebook page of sports nutrition-Angel you can find all relevant information, a customer needed for shopping at sports nutrition Angel. Especially for customers coming from the region of Trier, directions and opening times of the Facebook can refer to page. In addition refers to sports nutrition in Angel covered also on the latest information in the field of bodybuilding. However, a major innovation on this Facebook page is the wall. The latest information on sports nutrition products can be found on the wall of sports nutrition-Angel.

In particular products, such as body attack LIPO 100, which were included in the Repertoire of the online shop since latest are posted there. But not only about new products are there identified also information about the correct training. So, the owner of sports nutrition-Angel (Christian Engel) has begun to absorb training exercises on video and post on his Facebook page. This creates an incentive for newcomers in the field of motor sport immediately to learn the correct way of training. Latest information about the nutrition partners are also on this page (E.g. football regional League team Eintracht Trier and Vollyball Bundesliga TBB Trier) posted. Thus, the Facebook page of sports nutrition-Angel is much more than a pure information portal for sports nutrition. It is an interactive portal with information about the area of motor sports and interactive training opportunities. Everyone interested in weight training and bodybuilding has, should this Facebook once look at page.


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