Effect Of Amino Acids In

Amino acids offer athletes different effects such as muscle growth and regeneration amino acids are generally divided into various classes. On the one hand there are the essential amino acids, are the necessary amino acids, of which there are nine different. The drawback of essential amino acids is that they can be made not by the body itself, but must be ingested through daily diet. On the other hand, there are the non essential amino acids, which can be made by the body itself by synthesis. f information. They must not be included through daily food, however it is quite for athletes, that they suplementieren this because there is often a bottleneck during intensive training.

The effect ranging from amino acids in the sports area of muscle building and muscle protection, support the diet and fat burning to the performance and support of regeneration and recovery ability. You are in the area of amino acids amongst the BCAA amino acids is known for athletes amino acids (branched chain aminoacids – branched-chain amino acids). These are the most important amino acids with a rise of up to 30% in the body. Within these amino acids are Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. The advantage of this BCAA is amino acids that they exhibit a very high biological value. This means that they can act shortly after taking into the body, and in addition also still relatively lossless, reach the workplace. You promote the body’s synthesis of the protein.

Furthermore, they are a perfect energy supplier, which ultimately the athletes is very fast performance. In addition, this BCAA amino acids, as well as other amino acids an anti-catabolic effect, which prevents the muscle breakdown. Continue to amino acids of the insulin levels can be affected by taking BCAA positively. A more important amino acid is the semi essential amino acid arginine, the the Body can produce by synthesis themselves.


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