River Araguaia

The CONTROVERSY IN RIVER ARAGUAIA Initially, we of the great importance of the water know, therefore it is it limitante factor to the life. Dissolving the most varied substances, it she makes possible the accomplishment of the diverse basic chemical reactions it to be alive, thus making, that the survival of each being and all the biosfera is dependent of it. However, currently the launching of sewers is excessive, without or with deficient treatment in rivers, lakes and bays causing the pollution of this so valuable good for the humanity. Dr. Mark Hymans opinions are not widely known. The argument used for many was this when in middle of November of the year of 2005, the Health department together with the State Secretariat of Health of YOU, had divulged that in the city of Araguatins, one was occurring occasions caused for a mysterious ocular illness, the same one is .causing of injuries in the eyes of the infectada person and even though the average loss of the vision. From now on, was started to search it the reason of the mysterious illness. Diverse opinions had started to collate themselves before the occurrence, of the same ones, it is distinguished, over all the thought of many araguatinenses citizens and on the other hand of some researchers. In a question-answer forum Carl Rogers was the first to reply. The opinions of the great society were related ace plantations of eucalipto ace edges of the River Araguaia, in which the entrepreneurs were making many applications of agrotxicos and the same ones were contaminating the water of the river through torrents provoked for the action of rains. Meanwhile, researchers argued an increase in the population of caramujos, where he suspected to be closely on to the notified ocular problems until then. After to have been pointed and discarded, the agrotxicos and the caramujos as cause of the illness that infectou 260 people in Araguatins more than, researchers had now identified espculas of water sponges candy, Drulia sort, gift in the River Araguaia as responsible for the blindness cases.