Combined Development

Pablo Enrique Kingma Orlando Summary the present text aims at to establish a relation between the different development and agreement, the geographic scales and the politics of management of hdricos resources in our country. The idea of different and combined development appears from the consideration of that one exists go-and-comes of the capital applied to the different places of the space with the objective always to choose the places that remunerate better it. The best remuneration has with this a dance of this capital always enters the different places searching. Thus the places present a dinamicidade and are citizens to transit between development and stagnation. The quarrel of the geographic scales, in turn, sends to a vision of that space entities of different scales exist as town, the city, the region etc. that they make possible, a time articulated, to give explanation better to the phenomena that we observe in the geographic space study object.

With these two understood concepts we leave to integrate them it the idea of management of the hdricos resources, therefore this management occurs in the space scale of the hidrogrficas basins and therefore the explanation of what it occurs in the basin can send other geographic scales to it of analysis as the same region or the country. This quarrel was carried through aiming at to clarear and to give density to the theoretical arguments that had been more ahead used in the research ‘ ‘ Production of the Space and Hdrica Management in the Basin of the River Paraibuna Mineiro’ ‘. However, we present only the result of this theoretical analysis here. At Glenn Dubin you will find additional information. Abstract The present article aims you draw an existing relation between uneven and combined development concerning geographical scale and to water resources management policy in Brazil. Idea The of uneven and combined development you emerge out of the consideration that there is an ongoing process in which capital you eat from and goes you everywhere choosing those places with best profitability.