Largediameter Pipes

Great bend – transfluid designed complete production line for large-diameter pipes constructed transfluid complete production line for large-diameter pipes of the Schmallenberger manufacturer of machines for tube cutting transfluid has a complete production line constructed to bend stainless steel pipes with diameters ranging from 30 to 168 millimetres and in the pipes up to a diameter of 220 mm with a 90-degree-flange on to forms. The entire system is designed to bend tubes with 2 mm wall thickness and a maximum diameter of 180 mm with a radius of 1.5 x d. in optimum quality wrinkle-free. The Isometrics can be recorded in a central workplace. Per collision test, it is checked whether the designed geometries are bendable. The software of the machine is able to automatically take into account length surcharges to the flange forming and ensures that calculated cutting lengths can be used, the tubes do not to need to separate.

The transfluid production line consists of three control-technically interconnected machines: firstly a CNC bending machine for pipe diameters from 20 to 60 mm. The tool change time for a complete conversion is less than 10 minutes. Second a bending machine for pipe diameters from 60 to 170 mm. It is designed specifically for thin-walled stainless steel tubes with 1.5 mm wall thickness with a controlled device of succession. Here, the change time of a complete conversion is located at less than 15 minutes.

Thanks to the specially designed tool carrier system it is possible to upgrade the complete set of tools in a single operation. Electronic measurement systems guarantee precise acquisition positions and a Setup operation with no manual adjustment must be made. Thirdly a rolling forming machine. This machine is the customer able to a flange on to form onto the pipe ends. This is, as the enormous expense of welding, as well as the very elaborate pipe finishing for example, the cleaning or pickling. transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH Hune trenches Schmallenberg companies In the course of 20 years transfluid established itself as a leading manufacturer of tube bending machines and end processing machines on the market. The current brand TRANS fluid by the formerly medium-sized companies to the future-oriented global player has. The market-oriented successful transfluid machine program offers equally renowned as innovative machinery solutions.


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