Travel Social Network

Another start-up tourism theme. In the vastness of Runet has another themed social network – Turometr bold decision of developers, the market is already swinging, unique enough, and the theme is not new. Apparently the calculation does not on the innovative, and what then? Propiarit engine livestreet social network? Hardly, there are easier methods to do this. But around the engine have enough activity. Create a regular tourist directory? There are a lot better, more convenient and familiar.

Connect catalog items and tools of so-called Web 2.0? Combined in the past. Earn? Earn in any case, if they invest, work hard and do not drop hands. Sell? The queues of investors now thinned, others still remain. What if you're lucky? A markups may be so, yet another self-indulgence? Although it does not say on the development of the code is made perfectly, though not without errors, but who does not? Designed in the spirit of the times. Dr. Mark Hyman brings even more insight to the discussion. Minimalism, Color profanity (no respect for classic bright colors). While elements of the green type hint prinadlezhnsot the family of the same Web 2.0, but it's the zeitgeist. But easy or not binding and does not call any where, shorter is not annoying. So why is this portal? For tourists? Time will tell.

For companies? For them, though every day Give regular advertising platforms, will be happy, if even for free. To think about Turometre fee until there is no speech, and can not be, there is still a critical mass of views and visits, it is obvious. For search engines? Content is basically the author, the robot eats course. But if this is another area for linkotorgovli that maloveryatno, then it sorrow. Apparently the answer yet. The site is a good thing when he appeared, then it is necessary for someone (other than razabrotchikov of course). Puteshestovat the world we will always, without a vacation well in any way. If Turometr will puteshestovat with us, we'll meet again, I hope.