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Ritual Baths

For them our ritual battles in which we took everything within us as attachment to eject and live in harmony, even with our fellow man that tore our bread from our table or we remove a brother from our house to disappear. They do not understand. If we are two worlds and yet we accept it with things that we are aberrations that are irrelevant to our visions and our way of life for millennia. Despite the mockery that make us our brothers that patients with fever West believe the truth, but tell him the truth he has done with their knowledge and Western religions, if not destroy the world in which we live. Before you could walk through the forests of the plains and get lost in it, playing with all beings that inhabit it, take the clear water that flows into it, savoring the sweet colorless odorless dish that my lips were. Now for the action of the same runes that degraded by the doctrines of Western man have awakened in the all ills, like greed, usury, and many more who have disfigured and I can not find if it is the rune of the people of my nations or whether they are beings of the most horrible horrible nightmares that would create a film director.

It was late in the hills and all of us with our dismayed faces ignominy could not heal the white man against our heritage, that we receive from our parents, grandparents and ancestors. Now I walk along paths covered with mineral dust scattered over what was once large fields with crops of all kinds. I remember as a kid I mamacona sat with my mother to eat their precious hands soft corns with freshly ground pepper in the churn. He played in their ditches with my brothers Yanas, like we were on an equal footing, regardless of whether I was a child and they planted the sons of my land. As Lazarus not forget the faithful charger Mamacona My Mother used to stay in the Indian markets to help his family after being banished from our village.

And it hurts me soul tears for their responsibility in a time of oblivion and my mischief by venture to learn more no one to guide me. I went there I recognized very tender the mission was for me before my people, that hurt me in the soul the misery that we imposed the Caras, Mistis Westerners. And it still hurts me is my people, but some do not want to admit it, because on my back by the legacy of all that history that forged at the beginning of those great nations that settled and that I look at these my eyes looking at the heights where my ancestors walked his feet. Tupac Yupanqui Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos