The Doctor

I did not have more luck with other co-workers, at the gym, or with the neighbors of my house that had more confidence. No one seemed to have seen him. On the other hand, I didn’t make more than cross me with him. Without be able to address you, without getting to talk to him. The man was elusive. Almost evanescent. A new concern began to occupy the site until then filled the senselessness of the persecution he suffered.

And if all this wasn’t more than a figment of my imagination? And if I was going majareta? No impossible. I am a balanced, sensible, sound, individual without any tare. Even so, who knows? Someday could be the first to start with rare symptoms like these. I went to a psychiatrist. I looked for it in the phone book. I chose to which occupied more characters in the Guide: it will be the best, I said to myself, do not lose anything with test. That he has never talked to him or commented the doctor, after hearing my story. Effectively.

And says that he laughs at you so seems replied, without committing myself. You can not be more than a mere coincidence said the psychiatrist, as wanting to relativise the issue. Do you think? It is no coincidence. The guy is causing me. And why did turn you to me and not to the police? I kept quiet. Confusing. It was not very clear, actually, why was there nor what were my concrete feelings toward the intruder who had broken into my life. Wouldn’t know what to tell the police was right to answer at the end. Tell you the same as me. The composure of the doctor was hateful. Their linear responses. His lack of imagination, of human warmth or what do I missed missing know. After a monotonous session that I did not do more than repeat several times my story, I was in to see him after a week, although I was very unsure of wanting to do it again.