The Spiritual Way Of The Meditation And Silence

Silence is the oration, says the Atma Puya Upanishad. And, really, little we needed to arrive at the knowledge the essential more. In an ordinary oration, verbal, we were listened to same; they are the words, the language, which wishes to communicate with the Supreme thing. And the language is limited, is an instrument to use between humans, but it does not stop to communicate with the divine thing. Oration (of lat. oris-ratio: the mouth that reasons ) could be defined as " the reason expressed by means of the mouth or of palabras" and word (of lat. parabola gr.

Parabol: compracin , similar ) is not more than an image than supplants to the object, that is to say, a subjective budget of the real thing. Therefore, the access to the real thing escapes us to the being internalised in language, as Lacan, real Noah would understand, or it cannot be included/understood. The real thing is the nothing. There am a word, here nothing, of great philosophical importance, turned into ismo by authors like Schopenhauer or Nietzsche. And it is that the nihilismo it supposes the great opening of the modern philosophical thought and posmoderno. ismo of the existence, according to Sartre, is in the acceptance of the anything against important or the Metaphysical thing. We remember the sartriana key work of the formulation of the existencialismo: " The being and nada". What can make the being against the anything? What can do something against which nothing is ? What can explain to us that from the anything something arises? What sense soon has to be something to be nothing? Here we have the great dichotomy of the sense of the existence: idealismo-materialism. The essential against the accidental thing. The be-essential of Parmnides against the be-accidental one of Heraclitus.