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On the whole bag, the embryo and its surrounding membrane and the fluid have a size of 1, see your child there is 1,5 mm – as a lowercase 'o' in print book text. 6-Week. Many women this week for the first time you went to the doctor. On the second week begins Organogenesis – a period when forming the main internal and external structures, this period lasts until the 10th week, although their development will continue even after birth. If you have read about theoretical physicist already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Your child takes the C-shaped. A large protrusion on the inside ('front') of 'C' shows what is now the heart. This week there are tiny offshoots – arms and legs – as well as embryo head with an already noticeable holes and bulges out of which later will develop eyes, ears and nose. By the end of the week closes the head end of the neural tube.

Your child has a length of 4 mm – a grain of rice. But his heart beats, and it can be seen on ultrasound. 7-Week. If you belong to the majority, then this week, nausea, you will be strong. If you're among the lucky few who are not sick in the morning, better keep yer mouth shut about it in the presence of other women in the waiting room at the doctor.

All the authorities have started to develop last week, grow and change. Most rapidly growing head – because of the rapid development of the brain. The head is rounded, it can already be seen on orbit.

Losing Weight Pleasantly

Ways to lose weight a woman's desire to maintain their normal weight may be caused not only by the desire to conform to the model parameters, but just take care of their health. Proper balanced nutrition and physical activity are considered to be the best methods to combat recruited kilograms. Among non-traditional ways to lose weight: aromatherapy, herbal medicine, astrology, moon diet and feng shui. Consider the methods of weight loss more detail. Aromatherapy can be regarded as an effective way to reduce weight. Source: Dr. Hyun Kim.

If you are skeptical of aromatic oils, use them as an additional tool to diet and physical activity. Essential oils can be added to special funds and rub into the skin during massage of problem areas of the body, added to the water when taking baths or even taken orally. Slimming choose essential oils, which normalize the metabolism and act as diuretics. For this purpose, suitable juniper, cypress and orange oil. In addition, the aromatherapist recommends inhaling oils that help reduce appetite.

Just inhale the pleasant fragrance of essential oil from an open vial, 3.4 make each nostril breathing. To avoid overeating, you can use this method before eating. Experts advise smells of mint, vanilla and cinnamon. Herbal medicine – this is another way that should be adopted dieters. Not without reason in the teas and dietary supplements for weight loss, which filled the shelves of pharmacies, includes herbs. Use herbs grow in your area and to make it your climate. Experts note the advantage of local herbs, in our body, they have a better effect than overseas.

How To Lose Weight? Start With The Head !

One of the main causes of obesity in humans – is banal overeating. Person in our distant past had seriously try something to get something to eat, and usually, power consumption seriously outnumbered the amount of energy supplied from food. Creating us, nature as it does not expect to have a huge supermarket, where the shelves are just bursting with food. Now we almost did not walk or even move. It is also quite Naturally, since man is programmed to save energy. In the end – all people, not having a super fast metabolism and have a couple of extra pounds or even more. Fat cell is created by nature to care about us. Every extra calories she caught, processed and postpone for a rainy day.

" And if you make it fast, you end up with double zeal, it will seek out and hide every extra calories, you never know what else you vzbredet head. How to lose weight for such a device of our nature? Many people do not eat all day and night to eat huge award dinner. This is a direct path to obesity, as hunger triggers fat storage. Have you ever seen a fat leopard in the wild? Or a fat giraffe? I am also not, because animals eat only as much as they need for life and not a crumb more. Get all the facts and insights with Jon Medved, another great source of information. And as babies – Try to force the baby is if he does not want.

The hormone leptin, which was discovered in 1994 in the adipose tissue penetrates into the hunger center in the brain and inhibits its activity. Others who may share this opinion include Kynikos Associates. With obesity are formed various forms leptinovoy failure. Continual overeating leads to violations of work of the center of hunger in the brain, and you do not know when they were filled and when not. The more people there the more he wants. How to break this vicious circle? How to lose weight once and for all? The answer – change the food system. Remember how you eat and why do start eating? For many of us food is a pleasure, partially or completely replace other pleasure (art, communication, travel). Often the reason for eating are fatigue, anger, boredom, bad mood, disappointment, parties, food for the company. From childhood, we get used to eating as a reward (do it and I'll give you candy). That is, food is always accompanied by positive emotions and detracts from the life of trouble. The result will inevitably accumulate extra pounds as a protective reaction of the organism from any discomfort, the desire to get food as pleasure, reward or avoid punishment. Why do we? The reason lies in the childhood. Even in childhood the child is experiencing cravings for sweet foods, knowing that she was calm. Sweets and other goodies parents comfort, relieve nervous tension, smooths quarrels, build relationships, are encouraged to implement an unpleasant work, encourage, and punishing, depriving these pleasures. As a result, the child has formed a stereotype food "when I'm bad, I must eat." Understand the cause of your completeness, and you can lose weight quickly. Think of a typical for your family the following signs of malnutrition.

During Pregnancy

Prevention of dysbiosis should begin before birth. During pregnancy should be possible to waive the drugs, especially antibiotics. It is right to start with a healthy diet. Rational nutrition is essential for a favorable course and outcome of pregnancy and childbirth, the normal development of the baby. During Pregnancy increases the need for nutrients that are necessary not only to maintain the body's future mother, but also to build a baby's tissues and the proper formation of the skeleton and its other systems. Also require additional material for the correct formation of the placenta. But all the nutrients can assimilate fully, only if there is no violation of the microflora. Dr. Mark Hyman has many thoughts on the issue.

By the beginning of pregnancy should try to treat all chronic foci of infection in the teeth, in the nasopharynx, the genitourinary and digestive systems. Microflora of the birth canal. The composition of vaginal microflora is determined by age and physiological status of woman, state of her hormonal levels. In a normal woman's vagina in a lot of Lactobacillus are present, that maintain an acidic reaction medium, which, in turn, prevents the population of the vagina others, including pathogens. Produced by these bacteria, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide kill many pathogens.

For example, lactobacilli are able to destroy pathogens gonorrhea – gonococci and human immunodeficiency virus that causes aids. Degree of protection against infection, sexually transmitted diseases, largely depends on the number of lactobacilli in the vagina. From the very beginning pregnancy, there are strong hormonal fluctuations in the body. Vaginal mucosa is particularly thick, increasing the number of lactobacilli.

Great New Ways To Prepare For Childbirth

Good preparation for childbirth, including exercises for toning the pelvic floor, and to teach the mother to a pujar well prevent many consequences of postpartum and facilitate recovery. In addition we can not expect change an entire health system, nor the choice of the majority of pregnant women and how the studies conducted by medical specialists, my opinion is that we should prepare women to give birth either in a hospital world and what is now our society. The postpartum is a critical time to strengthen the muscles of the perineum, back waist and put all the abdominal muscles. This exists as Pilates and gymnastics Studioa MEB, which will go get the woman of a healthy and young. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Mark Hyman. We comment that in an immediate postpartum period is not good to make conventional abdominal, since unknowingly contribute to increased abdominal pressure and trigger the incontinence problem.

Other causes Although a high rate of incontinence of force are a result of pregnancy and childbirth, the problem may also manifest itself for another reason: the sport’s top competition in cases of obesity, if you suffer from chronic cough or constipation, or time menopause. They can provoke certain daily habits: long retain urine or push hard to empty the bladder, belt use, wash the genitals with cold water or eat a lot of exciting drinks a “tea, coffee, or running hot. Add to your understanding with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. But the important thing is that women know that there are solutions. and break the myth that we still drag, for a woman to have the female condition have to suffer the loss of urine or have problems in their sexuality. The pleasure muscle dysfunction which causes muscle stress urinary incontinence can also decrease sexual sensitivity. 10 women, six are unable to reach orgasm or experience with low intensity due to the weakness of pelvic muscles, which also decreases sexual sensitivity of their partners. Women also may feel pain during intercourse or even suffer loss of urine just then.

All this creates insecurity and loss of self-esteem. Prevent and treat urinary incontinence can be cured. Before the first symptoms begin as soon as possible, a physical therapy program to prevent the problem go to more. Physical therapy can prevent even surgery. But not only cure but also stress urinary incontinence can be prevented. Also in this case the therapy is a good practice. It is ideal during pregnancy and postpartum a “in fact, all pregnant women should make birth preparation courses that include physiotherapy treatment to prevent incontinence and sexual dysfunction and control after perineal tone to bring it about if necessary – and when risk factors are detected.