Travel Tip East Prussia

Dark woods, golden beaches and expansive moorland, hushed up lakes and deserted golden beaches can be found the largest Sundial in Europe In the country of the dark woods. East Prussia is characterized by wide landscape and historical past. To the North the Russian Kaliningrad oblast, in the South lies the Polish Warmia and Masuria, to the Klaipda Lithuania joins. The Curonian spit “Prussia Sahara” is explained in the year 2000 to the UNESCO World Heritage. The unique peninsula is famous for its sand dunes. NIDA offers an unforgettable view over the lagoon.

Over 60 meters high, one of the largest dunes in Europe in the wide sky towers here. Amber finds made famous the steep coast of Samland, while the beautiful architecture of the large villas of noise attracted many admirers. There is also the largest Sundial in Europe to marvel at. In the new glamour of old cities such as Konigsberg (Kaliningrad), Sovetsk and Neman River are the legacies of famous poets, artists and military commanders. online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified – offers different tours. Get a vivid impression on the videos of the tour pages themselves. Our personal advice is travel No. 2077: “Historical cities in East Prussia”


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