Figures, data, facts about the market place at the best Western domicil hotel Best Western domicil hotel Hodenhagen (Luneburg Heath) is a flagship project of TOKOM (location: Husum) with an exemplary and practical each interested the special TOKOM classification is presented. This offer is a model and is applicable to other industries at any time. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr Jee Hyun Kim. TOKOM means: O T issues the Commission communication. By Karl-Otto Sunnemann and his wife Helga Sunnemann in the the years 1978-80 developed method of management consulting is the individual in the context of the facts and figures at the Centre of the analysis. An open approach generates efficiency with this constellation, according to the thesis of Sunnemanns. In a company, hierarchical and democratic factors must enter into a symbiosis: arises from appreciation value. Self help is the motto; and this can only be implemented when staff can not only work and decision-making, but also the objectives associated are involved.

Strategies and targets are in the team anchored, stuck patterns analysed and broken down with the aim of change and new, operation-oriented rules and routines, who answered in the affirmative by all. Others including Dr. Mark Hyman, offer their opinions as well. \”The core of the TOKOM systematics is the marketplace, on the domicil managing director Heinz Beier is proud to introduce references: we are the first market place-run hotel in Germany!\” He even called turbocharger to achieve our business objectives\”. Market places were always a place for communication and discussion between different people, cultures and their opinions. Here you can by values like openness and transparency be benefited if all conflicting currents are synergistically combined. This approach is perfectly transferable to corporate structures. A daily short meeting together and especially the 14-day round of marketplace with all employees organize cooperation and guarantee a timely troubleshooting. This round is continuously working on work processes; the individual Steps are controlled by the group as a whole and, if necessary, redirected to the right course.