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Restore Confidence

Perhaps in the first moments, days and think that everything is strange that no one explains what having a child at home, we do, the hours, the baby cries, he feels, I have milk? Cries of hunger?, I have wanted to be alone for a few minutes, so I'm a bad mother? … Anyway … Many things go through your mind, heart and body, maybe not so much that we realize that is really what we feel. The new guy it changes our lives. After a while, when we took his hand, began to feel a failure, What do we lack? … that void in my heart that no one can explain and show me twenty thousand reasons but none satisfied me … I look in the mirror, I see that my body has something that previously did not have a scar, it is rare … I tell myself is: – a scar, not noticed much, but I see it, and there came my child, I am happy to have my baby in my arms, but yet I'm happy for that wound, and I slowly .. beginning to realize that my I would have liked to give birth natural to feel every time I look in my head and memories of someone I have been told because I had a cesarean, if things were said but I did not fill, I think something came out as wished. All these things are an indication that as women "do not accomplish something," the fear that comes from intimate of us will invade, why could not, What did I do wrong? "I do not want to go through this.