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The Question

You have your own meaning of love. For us is that we could well do without that paid us a penny for doing so, so that we are able to reveal us for pleasure and not by necessity, by What can lift us up early in the morning without major mishap and in what time flies, in the end what we can do for hours and hours for the pure fun of it. That’s what we love to do. Find your own meanings. Some of the activities that you typed in the question above are repeated here.

They will surely be a few, and perhaps new ones arise. Gives you enough time to investigate. Perhaps this is the question that costing you more work answer. To most of us not taught us to identify what they love to do. We illustrate with this photo of children having fun, because children do what they love to do, they do so without prejudices of any kind. Tip: To make it easier to locate what you love to answer the following question: what played when you were 5 years? If already finished writing, congratulations! Once you discover that it is what you love to do in your life, give you a big hug, and!Today, he celebrates it! Yes, today! even Wednesday or the day that is to read this article.

You’re closer to your goal in life of what you were yesterday! Create self-motivation from now will be much easier, because it will spontaneously emerge in you. Today completed the first step to discover your purpose in life. Lots of happiness! You’ve noticed what you love to do in life, and you’re already closer to your goal. We will later give you some techniques to identify fully and strategies that allow you to get there.