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Terms Of Service – Security Framework

Terms of Service – Security framework. March 13, 2007 accident with a heavy exodus from the caster Plastics Limited Liability Company "Sash", registered in the October district administration Minsk Korsunova Kolmogorov. 1.Svedeniya about the victim. Korsunov Andrei. Age-34 years. Job-founder of plastics.

General work experience, 25 years 2 months 14 days. Work experience in the profession "plastic caster" – 20 years 1 month 14 days. Learning was carried out. Internship – not done. Test your knowledge on occupational safety issues in the profession "plastic caster" – was not done.

Briefings on safety was: an introductory-13.09.2006g. primary in the work place – 14.09.2006g. Medical examinations: preliminary – data not available. periodic – 2004. Marital Status – Married. Medical diagnosis of health damage to the victim: the left hand crushed wound, open fracture hamate bone with displacement, dislocation of the pisiform bone, marginal fracture subulate appendage left ulna. A blood test for alcohol 4191 from 13.03.2007g. – Not detected. (According to the severity of injury, issued by the U.S. "The 6th Clinical Hospital" 19.03.2007g.). 2.Harakteristika organization, employer, insurer, area, place of work. The main activity of a limited liability company "Sash" registered in the administration of October district of Minsk, is the production of castings and molds of the fusible material. The administration of the OSH in the organization carries out the director. Officers instruction of persons carrying out functional or direct supervision of work on health and safety in the organization, to be developed. Managers and specialists of organizations do not have stood the test of knowledge on safety in the commission of the local executive and administrative body.


In Russia, millions of smokers, but no exact figure can not be called. All operate on approximate calculations, and they range from 60 to 90 million. In the many millions of much of the smoke more than one pack per day and their can be attributed to malignant smokers. Unlikely to be mistaken in saying that the army of smokers, almost everyone in a certain period of his life trying to quit. Who – then do it, but most returned to normal. As time passes, and they would repeat the attempt.

State as much as helping them, motivating smoking cessation increased excise taxes, the adoption of increasingly stringent laws and driving in a kind of ghetto. Of course, almost continuously, the population is informed about the dangers of smoking. Once a year the WHO for us to hold the World Festival "day-out of tobacco." But it all official events where you can speak, read report, to publish the article. A good way to light up or make money. For the state to deal with seriously "bad habit" – cut the branch on which they sit.

The good example of such a struggle the current generation still remembers the consequences are well known. Fought the same we have a capitation drinking. And the tobacco industry – and with it / farming, tobacco growers, and the printer of packaging, trade and transport, and, of course, the tobacco giants themselves. And they all pay taxes and create jobs. Who would dare to exploit – to cut the head of the hydra! Cares about us and medicine, offering "Tabex", and nicotine patches.