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Chinese Patent Office

Arranging well OWL gives an overview of protection possibilities and current developments of Paderborn 20.07.2013 – to intellectual property against theft of ideas and to protect plagiarism, intellectual property rights and not legal protections offered. Bessel van der Kolk addresses the importance of the matter here. When, what action should be taken, depends on various criteria and can not be answered. The Paderborner patent attorney Dr. Wiro Wickord reported how they are classified and what they are used in the introductory lecture about the different types of rights. Basically, design in comparison to patents are easier and cheaper.

In addition, he performed different search options that are available, to find out in advance of an application, whether it is worthwhile or whether there are already applications for. The participants discussed what impact would these searches on the creativity and innovation process in enterprise. The research would inhibit the creativity process, was Opinion of some participants, since then Herum is looking to existing things. Consensus of the discussion was that the effort to find out that an innovation already exists, is equal, then again must start with the search and create equally to existing patents. Another important theme in the presentation by Dr.

Wickord was the development of patent applications in China. Currently, there are approximately 60,000 patent applications and 15,000 utility model applications, 250,000 in Europe, but only 400,000 in 2013 in China in Germany. Through this systematic and immense flood of patent applications, product and process innovations be in German SMEs massively threatened, blocked i.e. development means of successful products or license costs. The current situation is still difficult due to the complex situation of the translation, has become increasingly better but in the last few years. Since the Chinese Patent Office is based on the German model and its processes, German companies have a big advantage and a better Initial situation. Dr. Wickord gave the forecast, that this situation will improve dramatically over the next ten years.