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Traditional English Style

The idea for a romantic bedroom number 1: how to decorate her bedroom in the photo below in a slightly minimalist style. The absence of a large number of bright distracting details and sharp edges calms and pleases the eye. Draw walls of your bedroom in soothing pastel shades. Choose a tone walls furniture and bedding. The idea for a romantic bedroom number 2: Create a modern style in your bedroom! This idea is completely opposite to the first: for her embodiment to the contrary to use as many different motifs and bright colors, if desired, even the walls will be painted in bright blue and purple colors! For this purpose, you could not be better fits any paint Dulux for walls and ceilings, paint this brand are highly resistant to abrasion, detergents, and fading. The color table is provided 100 thousand colors, so that the Dulux paint tinting will help give your walls the desired entourage.

It all depends on your courage and strength of your imagination The idea for a romantic bedroom number 3: Arrange your bedroom in the good old English style! Furniture for a bedroom must be done in the classical Victorian style, and the walls with a predominance of ocher or yellow. Connect with other leaders such as Somatic Experiencing here. The windows need to hang curtains undulating in the English style. For these curtains are used fabric stiff texture, such as taffeta, jacquard or rep with Traditional English patterns. This is a strong vertical line in combination with a small floral print, or more strict Scottish cage. The idea for a romantic bedroom number 4: Please try to make a bedroom in French pastoral style. Its easier to create and I think he is best suited to the romantic bedroom. Decorate your bedroom in the white and green colors, and paint the walls in a refreshing pink or orange. Will also be a good idea look curtains with floral prints in conjunction with a simple but elegant furniture. Obligatory bouquets of wildflowers and simple vases and pillows of various sizes on the bed.

Metal Or Wooden Door

Metal or wooden door? Preference is given to the door of the metal. Why? At the door of the metal increased level of noise and heat insulation. About the wooden door of this can be said. Since the metal door made of solid metal, then it is highly resistant to various influences and pressures (shock, fire, etc.). The wooden door is easily damaged by fire and physical strength. In addition, it can knock out or remove the loops, and metal – no. Yes, and crack the steel door is very difficult to even experienced burglars. After all, pick up the key to the lock on a metal door, or it can not be faked, and the quality of locks in a door very high (Their distinctive feature is also a protection against hacking).

In addition, iron doors can be bulletproof. ned all about the problem. Agree, it adds confidence in the reliable protection of the home. Such doors can not be deformation and the process of decay. Moisture is absolutely not dangerous for them. Wooden door as moisture breaks.

Another advantage – a metal door looks more attractive due to the variety of options outside Design (interior, spraying, finishing with various materials). One more thing. It is not necessary to install two doors: the outer metal and inner wood. Thus, many are trying to achieve a better soundproofing and heat insulation. However, modern technologies allow us to establish a metal door, which will successfully cope with these challenges. Yes, and use the two doors is inconvenient. And in an emergency situation, the second door might even hurt. The choice of a steel door is much more justified than the choice of a wooden door. Metal door – a reliable "protector" of penetration into your home, the guarantor of your security, tranquility and your possessions.