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Modern Finishing Buildings

Until recently in Russia, the most common type facades were handling their decorative plaster layer, the so-called “wet facade systems. But now the most promising technology finishes Facade is a system of ventilated facades with air gap. Construction of ventilated facades can effectively solve the problem of energy saving, and the presence of large amounts of material various colors and textures are used to run an external finishing layer, to significantly enhance the architectural merits of buildings. Applications: construction and renovation of residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings. Learn more at this site: Gina Ross. The fundamental difference of ventilated facades from other types of lining is the presence of air gap. Since in a ventilated air gap temperature slightly higher than the outside, the heat loss during the heating period are reduced. Due to the differential pressure, internal moisture is removed freely into the environment.

The main advantages of ventilated facades: Aluminum profile used in the fixture, not affected by corrosion and can withstand a fairly wide range of temperature fluctuations, is able to absorb the thermal strain arising from the diurnal and seasonal temperature drops, and hence the appearance of the building will not depend on the weather aluminum profiles are both durable and easy enough that facilitates and design, and installation of building insulation, used in systems of ventilated facades, allows water vapor from the room to enter freely in the air layer, preventing the formation and accumulation on the destructive designs of condensate they allow to give the building a beautiful view, thanks to a wide palette of colors finishing material ventilated facades, have excellent thermal protection: the wall is protected from the ac freezing and thawing, smooths fluctuations in temperature, which prevents the emergence of strains of unlimited possibilities of forming fronts in composite materials such as Alucobond, Alpolic, Reynobond can turn the most ambitious and unexpected projects architects ventilated facades substantially increase the longevity of the building as a whole, because they are resistant to freezing and getting wet – the two main factors affecting the aging buildings aluminum used in the systems of ventilated facades, is absolutely environmentally friendly, non-polluting and does not harm your health, but nowadays it is an important fact for Fire safety in the construction materials used, are fireproof or slow the undoubted merit of ventilated facades – insulation in the design is outside..

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling holes is a fundamentally new approach to construction. That we could get before. 1. Contented people buying a new apartment, say, 3 / 9 floor and started repairs. Everything is wonderful, but now he decided to put air conditioning ventilation system, he knows that it is beneficial to his health, the problems begin. Under the ducts need holes, what to do? He calls the builders, they take hammer and poor neighbors, noise, dust and broken-down wall. And if we pokleit wallpaper first, the complete collapse of repair. 2.

What brought us to 21. Diamond drilling. Yes. Others who may share this opinion include Gina Ross. Called by a team of professionals within a few hours will drill any hole, and you wonder how so quickly and with virtually no dust and debris. And most importantly that even if you have made repairs, then all these actions will not harm him. Call the professionals. And 1.

The specialists examined for the presence of wall postings, that would not spoil it for drilling. Mark out a place of future openings. And put the installation. 2. Installing on many compact that it can be installed even in a suspended ceiling. Starts drilling. 3. After drilling is a small ring around the hole and stud-mount installation (later cut), most interesting is that at finishing the drilling water is used for cooling and dust, so to finish, we use a vacuum cleaner to collect water. And do not drown the neighbors, as it would was the application of a typical installation. 4. On the other side of the wall, we get: – smooth round hole – a clean wall with no cracks and chips – the dust is not by definition 5. By the way, if you come across in the way of the crown reinforcement, metal design, the crown sawing them like butter, which is not under the power of conventional builders with a mallet or hammer. + Purity in the finishing room, free of dust. + Entire walls without cracks + cut steel and rebar + Geometrically flat surfaces, as you ordered