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Ceclia Owner

The agreement was that, to the measure that the cachorrinhos were being born, Raul would tell to the facts the Ceclia Owner, informing the state of same, the so great one, if everything was transcorrendo and the procedures well that it adopted. After all chemical preparation, Raul did not have what to wait very it childbirth to have beginning? in fact already it was the moment, seemed until poodle came waiting its ' ' mdico' ' to deliver its rebentos to it. It was born, thus, first cachorrinho, healthful. Raul dried the poor person carefully, with the shears cut the tip of rabinho, so that the characteristic was formed ' ' pompom' ' when the youngling grew, made a dressing and placed it in cestinha, waiting for the brothers. It came as, third the procedure was if repeating, counting six cezinhos, all healthful ones. Raul told to the facts with the maximum professionalism the Ceclia Owner, who, made an impression and happy, heard everything anxiously walking for the room to the side. The transcorria childbirth tranquilo, until cachorrinho was born seventh. Strange, total different of, dark, bigger, in nothing the excessively similar one to one poodle.

Raul was taken by the diffidence – that aberration would be that one? A mutant dog? Its fertile imagination did not arrive to conjecturar the respect very, therefore already he was tired and animalzinho, as excessively, it needed cares. Soon after to dry it and to evidence that bichinho was healthful, Raul caught the shears to cut the tip of rabinho. However, of this time, the shears opposed to make it the work, already blind for the previous cuts. The blades did not cut, the two tips were folded on the tail of already aflito cozinho. Raul continued trying, without obtaining success and perceiving that he was causing some wounds in rabinho without obtaining to cut it.