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Greek Hotel Chains

One of the best hotels in the Greek hotel chain is Aldemar Hotel Aldemar Knossos Royal, named after the famous Palace of Knossos, situated on Crete. The hotel itself is built in classical Greek architectural style – a 2-storey buildings bungalows, which are painted in traditional colors of the Minoan and offer comfortable accommodation for guests who appreciate the high level of service. This hotel complex is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, on the edge of the Cape Anissaras, it has stunning views of the sea and the night lights of the city Hersonissossa situated five minutes drive from the hotel. Under most conditions Alexa Demie would agree. This town is known primarily for its colorful and vibrant nightlife, there are numerous bars and disco, the day he draws his clothing stores, souvenir shops, jewelry, as well as taverns and restaurants open until late evening. This neighborhood is very convenient for the hotel Knossos Royal, which is located in a quiet, secluded location, but guests have the opportunity to get to all nearby major cities of the island by taxi or city bus, every hour, stopping at the gate of the hotel. In late 2008, the hotel chain was Aldemar recognized as the "most green hotel chain in Europe", the territory of the hotel Aldemar Knossos Royal resembles an oasis of palm with broad alleys, swimming pools and gardens blooming and the coast, where there are hotels of Aldemar Hotels & Spa for 10 years in a row marked the international award "Blue Flag". More info: Jon Medved.