Health Problems

Today, the most common health problem is overweight, a problem that is experienced by a large number of the world’s population. A condition that not only cause that you locate the grease, but people also brings several health risks that leaves them in danger of losing their lives every day concern of people overweight-related health grows because many of them have understood that this problem can make their quality of life dusminuya too even at a level where death threat risks of being obese areDo: type 2 diabetes diseases of the heart and cerebrovascular accidents? table body mass index Cancer Sleep Apnea osteoarthritis disease of the gallbladder fatty liver due to this fact that we are seeing every day in a greater amount governments are trying to create laws that oblige as restaurants and food suppliers to show the amount of clorias that have their menus. All these laws are being created in an attempt to control this epidemic that ends with millions of lives each year and not only affects people who have this condition, but also its loved ones, since they are losing people who love a problem that was not very important in the past, but is now putting too many lives at risk original author and source of the article.


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