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CLU Number

Numerology is an ancient science which studies the qualitative value of each number, applying it to humans and their environment. Already the Hindus and Jews gave them a great meaning to the numbers and related them to the cosmic forces. The idea that there is a hidden order that manifests itself through numbers, carried to the ancient sages of the most diverse cultures make use of numbers and figures to carry out a connection with divinity and the own interiority. It is said that all words have a sound that vibrates in concordance with the frequency of numbers, which in turn issued a specific vibration that directly affects every human being. Those who are dedicated to the Numerology argue that every home that exists in the universe can be assigned a figure determined by what each number is the key of the meaning and behavior of everything that happens. Numerology offers through a mathematical calculation, the tool that allows the man to overcome difficulties that are they will present him in life, while it facilitates understanding of the reasons that hide in them.

The aim of Numerology has remained unchanged through the centuries, quantifying and qualifying the characteristics of each personality and each behavior. Through Numerology is can assign to each letter of the alphabet the same numeric value. Thus, the name that was assigned at birth a number is such that it will give us the characteristics of the personality, as it is actually inside, as they want to be seen by others. It also will determine that deficiencies, virtues, personal conditions that has to achieve the tasks. That natural tendencies or inheritances possesses. To assign the numeric value to the names used letters of the alphabet converted to numbers through a simple table, through this, is assigned to number 1 letters AJS, 2 letters BKT, 3 the CLU, 4 letters DMV, to 5 the n/n W, 6 the FOX lyrics, 7 the GPY-8 the HQZ and finally He is assigned the number 9 letters go. Numerology also examines the date of birth, vibrations that will influence the destination, in the kind of way that you have open in life and which will be the most convenient. This number is obtained by adding the numbers of the day, month and year of birth, whose result will be adding until you get a single digit.

Recall that the Numerology is based on a series of numbers from 1 to 9, whereas the 0 does not have vibration. Tambo this science allows to know dates, months or years are most favorable for events business, removals, contracts etc. In addition, shown compatibility with your partner, with friends, with your House, etc. But above all things helps to discover every weak point, the way of feeling, thinking and acting of all who are part of our environment, knowing also the virtues and defects of each. More precise individual knowledge is obtained with numerical correspondence of the full name of the person along with the date of birth. The number that results from the date of birth is the most relevant determinant that governed throughout life, possesses a particular vibration and a planet Regent who will be who set the tools and possibilities of life. It is important to note that there are no numbers better than others, and that with Numerology may be obtained the self-knowledge of mode such that help to change and to improve certain things of the personality.