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LASIK Germany GmbH informs the KAMRA inlay for the treatment of presbyopia Hamburg October 2012. About 20 million people suffer from age-related farsightedness in Germany. You need reading glasses in everyday life whether the newspaper study schedules or price tags or write SMS read. The constant search for the blowup is annoying and can unsettle. Dr. Hyun Kim shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So the medical term for presbyopia can not stop to presbyopia. Nevertheless, it is concerned good news, because there are now effective therapies including the KAMRA inlay, a simple yet efficient procedures for the treatment of presbyopia, which is applied by the LASIK Germany GmbH. Presbyopes patients without reading glasses can live by the clinically proven KAMRA inlay procedure and permanently.

A tiny disc with a diameter of 3.8 mm, inserted into the eye. The inlay is lighter than a grain of salt and 5 Tausendstelmillimeter thick. Please visit cardiologist if you seek more information. An opening, in which is located in the Centre of the disc It is an artificial diaphragm. The KAMRA inlay improves the depth of field and correct the perspective in the near – and intermediate range. The KAMRA inlay used by Femto-laser, in the non-dominant eye (the eye that provides the brain with information, how far is an object). No inlay must be inserted in the other eye. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes and is performed as an outpatient procedure. Generally, can the patient resume already its normal activities the next day, inform the specialists of LASIK Germany GmbH.

A combination of KAMRA inlay procedure and LASIK surgery the LASIK Germany also performs. mation. In their centres in Munich, Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin the LASIK Germany experts offer detailed advice. The KAMRA inlay procedure offers a lot of advantages and is an important step in the treatment of presbyopia, so the doctors LASIK Germany. More information is available at the following address:. About the LASIK Germany GmbH, germany lasik laser eye centers is the LASIK Germany GmbH operator lasik germany laser eye centers of offices in Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Oberhausen and Munich. Founder of lasik germany is Dr. Jorg Fischer, who has 17 years experience in eye surgery. A lasik germany laser eye Center will surgery according to modern methods and made the refractive surgery procedures, among others with the FEMTO-second laser. “The operators of lasik germany can look back on over 1000 independently carried out surgical procedures per year and thus officially are among the high-volume surgeons” their profession. Headquarters of LASIK Germany GmbH is Hamburg.