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The rest occupies an essential part of the day, fundamental for the body and the mind If we tried to stay a complete day wide-awake we would in the end feel a sleepiness and even, that the body does not respond of the same form. If we added to this activities that require much energy, the sensation is of exhaustion. We can think that the chemical stimulation would save to us, but although it can give the lightening sensation us and strength, is momentary and lets accounts expensive pay. We cannot be all along ” enchufados” because sooner or later, not only the body but also our head stop responding suitably. The sensation of sadness, oppression, ” without salida” , ” without rumbo” they are of the so many forms that can adopt the call of ” auxilio” of our mind. If we think that all we have a measurement of vital energy to use, then the best form is to rationalize it. To use it with intelligence. We can want to win to him to the time, we can be absolutely engrossed in daily preoccupations, and not so daily.

Our head is the one that commands. The best one of prescriptions is to sit down in a comfortable site, inside or outside our house, and to concentrate us in our interior: breathing, sensations of the body. Always clearing images and ideas that are relaxing to us. Just by minutes to the day we managed to recharge ” pilas”. Therefore, not only we spoke to sleep by the nights the hours that requests the body to us, but also of ” Break” repairer, of total disconnection to the day. , If we obtained in the day to day, minute by minute, to concentrate in which we make and tenth, instead of to even be in several things simultaneously we will manage to rationalize our energy much more and we will arrive with less fatigue at night. The stranger is that we are not educated for this.

We are mind and body. ” two in uno”. The division simply has created confusion and car distances throughout the years. One assumes that our body and mind work together, are complemented, collaborate to achieve the aims that we set out. For that reason, a physical blow not only gives to physical pain but many other sensations us that they approach with the meaning of the blow. And even, one is contiguous image gives pleasure us that can be translated corporally. Most important it is that the conditions of our surroundings are favorable for our rest. A good mattress, an isolated room of annoying noises and with sufficient ventilation. Confortyrelax.