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It is probable that you are one of the decided people to invest in a investment fund. You have done it already, you are considering or it to do, is important that you know how is that these bottoms are satisfied. As you know well, the investment funds, correspond to those bottoms that under the dominion of mercantile societies, they look for to exponenciar the investments of those who decide to invest in them. These bottoms form by a depositaria society and a society manager. The depositaria society, is the society in charge of you take care of all those representative instruments of the investment and is the one who receives the money of the investors. On the other hand, the society manager, is the one that is in charge to take the accounting, as well as to establish the investment object and to coordinate the depositaria society. Both societies work mutually in the control of you rule of the investment, this way, you can asegurarte of the professionalism of the bottom and can trust that the bottom will hand over excellent. Once you already know the composition the investment funds, considrate able to choose in what bottom to invest according to its particular characteristics and to their risk levels. The investment funds are an excellent option so that people like you, progress in their economic life and satisfy all desires completely.