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Obesity In The Waist And Buttocks

A long time ago that it is known that the accumulated fat in the abdomen and very especially in waist forming the famous floats, is harmful to cardiovascular health. What was not known was that it spent otherwise with the accumulated in the buttocks and legs that seem to have a protective effect. The explanation is simple. Abdominal obesity that concentrates fat cells called adipocytes, liberates free fatty acids that generate insulin resistance by what that fat disintegrates into harmful components. These harmful elements reach the muscles, heart, and pancreas inflitrandolos of fat leading to heart failure among other things. Although it is not completely proven, seems to be that these adipocytes produce proinflammatory substances that would be added causes that foster cardiovascular disease accumulated fat in buttocks and legs on the other hand, contains adipocytes and also undertakes to catch grease not allowing him to infiltrate the abovementioned bodies.

In addition generate more amount of pectin and adiponectin than they possess the property foster sensitivity to insulin and vasodilation. This has been proven when administered antidiabetic family of glitazonas, because it has been that you redistribute body fat, placing it where it is most beneficial. Why is considered an excess of fat accumulated in the gluteal area does not connote any cardiovascular risk. The only risk is the mechanical effort resulting in knee and column. The opposite happens when it is located in waist and abdomen which is when the cardiovascular system is in danger. And in addition also produces the mechanical effort.