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Neutral Concealer

The first thing you need to do before choosing colors is to decide if you have a Neutral warm or cool skin tone. One way is to have a good look at yourself in a mirror in natural sunlight. Decide if your skin color is more blue or yellow to it, or if you are fine, even. More Blue = Cool More Yellow = warm Equal = Neutral Another way to know what skin tone you have is to compare your skin with silver and gold. In general, if your skin looks good with gold, has a warm skin tone, Silver means cool, and if it looks good with both, then you have Neutral. It can sometimes be difficult to know in itself, so you can ask a friend to help you decide. Once you have determined your skin tone, it's time to choose a concealer, the foundation and powder.

Depending on where you buy your cosmetics, you may have a hard time determine which looks best on your skin tone. Avon products are labeled with a W, C or N to figure out what tone skin that are best for. After this, the best way to choose a concealer, powder base and not try it! Generally for concealer, you should choose one that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, so that when used to cover dark areas and imperfections blend and look natural. If you have a lot of red spots (acne, scars, etc.) then you should also look into getting a green spot remover, you use this under concealer to neutralize the red and make it look natural.