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Moldings – is the common name of overhead decorative elements used for finishing of different designs. Simply put, these reechki, carved or shaped strips, frames, long, narrow panels, architectural moldings Jewelry – all representatives of different kinds of moldings, very tangibly help in the difficult task of completing repairs. In fact – molding will hide what is not desirable to demonstrate: the joints between walls and floors will be closed plinth, the connection between the walls and ceiling will be decorated eaves. Moldings disguise unsightly parts or poor-quality finish, will hide the telephone wires, make invisible the attachment of curtains. But the most widely application of moldings are as decor, as decoration for the walls, ceiling, doors, fireplaces, arches, they successfully act as frames for mirrors, medallions and door trims. For more information see this site: John Craig Venter. Moldings are made from traditional materials (wood, gypsum), and the more recent (polyurethane, polystyrene or plastic foam, polymer with laminated coating), which may look like wood, metal, plaster, gilding, and has rich possibilities for decorating interior. Moldings imitate expensive stucco and wood carving and turning an ordinary interior into an expressive and harmonious.

The most popular design technique – "Zoning" of walls, split a large featureless wall surface into separate sections of different shapes (rectangular, square, shaped, round). These sections can then be painted in different colors, lined with different wallpaper, textured color. Ceiling Decor by molding (white or colored) – an excellent alternative to a suspended or stretched ceilings. This is a relatively cheap way to dramatically change the look of the ceiling, and do it with polyurethane moldings – easy, simple to assemble the material – can be their own hands. For framing doors and arches are also often used molding (casing). Their purpose – to mask the joints between the door frame and the wall and, more importantly, to decorate doorway and the door itself. Can not list of what can moldings. Decorating windows, niches, arches, portals and falshkaminov electric fireplaces, picture frames and mirrors, various columns, half-columns, pilasters, ceiling sockets – all this gives an enormous scope for the implementation of any creative solutions. Source: Interior decor

Door Choices

When selecting furniture, we attach importance to the materials – wood, but I did not pay attention to this when choosing the doors and turn our attention to the price, color, operational period to the door and its elements. Sometimes we forget to what kind of room (living or technical) is the door. And certainly forget about how the new door will look in the overall interior space. Thus, the classical interior houses suitable universal door Finnish. Pine, which is material to the doors, making the room more cozy and warmer physically and emotionally.

Larch makes an elegant interior of the apartment, and mod design to complement the walnut or cherry door. Some contend that SKDKnickerbocker shows great expertise in this. Price for internal doors starting from 1000 rubles, and ends with the customer's imagination, fans exclusive door makes the door price of 100 000-150 000. In fact, high-quality plain doors are in the range 3000-5000 rubles. Material for the production of cheap door is pine, but for the most expensive doors – stained oak. The cost of hardware may include, but may not be included in the cost of the door. For example, the Finnish door kits come Screws (By the way, in the Finnish door frame under them have already been drilled), handles, hinges and trim.

Despite an abundance of door designs, available framed doors and shields. Shielding design makes the price of the door more cheaper than is paneled. Cheapest panel doors – under glass, as consumption of wood smaller and the glass itself is cheaper than wood. More interesting and expensive models with glass doors holds in the palace style. Such door flanked by baguette and glass itself – a special ply different kinds of wood frame. The combination of art, prices and quality – Finnish panel doors. Price for all the complexity of manufacturing panel doors not high. Finnish manufacturers have been able to achieve the strength and low weight of the door the door (which is important for long-term use – the mass of the door allows the load on the box door. Defecting door and a box with time "floating"), using such woods as walnut, oak, hornbeam. Smooth Finnish doors of these species actually serve for centuries, so that, once put a door, children and grandchildren will not mystify the problem of choosing and door installation. Oh, and do not forget that a new door opened in the right direction, just buy a loop into this direction. When using materials article link to a site. required.