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Online Trading Places Business

SafetyPay international and secure online payment system confirmed this trend Frankfurt, may 28, 2009 the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh) expects currently for the year 2009 with rising industry sales. According to a latest forecast, online trading will contribute significantly to the growth of the mail-order industry. In the area of E-Commerce, he expects a sales increase of at least 10 percent bvh. Also the estimated 50,000 retailers who operate also online stores as well as shops will benefit from this positive development. Almost 50 percent of this multi channel businesses expect further sales growth by mid-2009. Only 11 percent of the company, as a survey of the main Association of German retailers (HDE), expect a decline in sales. According to bvh, it is difficult to accurate forecast given the economic conditions.

However, a positive trend for mail order and online purchase is observed among consumers for years. The shipping trade was its share of the retail turnover of 5.8 percent in 1996 on Expand 7.2 per cent in 2008. This development confirms also Martin Strotz, head of merchant sales of SafetyPay Germany GmbH, with the integration of any additional payment in the shop, the consumer wins additional confidence in the online-shop. Faster and safer a payment process is designed, the easier the falls shopping.”the percentage of shoppers who put on a secure payment system in the Internet value has risen now to over 67 percent”, so Strotz next. Thanks to E-Commerce, mail order is as vital as ever. The mail order industry converts around EUR 28.6 billion in retail banking. The online sale of goods reached a record 13.4 billion euros, last year for the first time confirmed the bvh. The total expenditure of the Germans for goods and services in the Internet amounted to 19.3 billion euros. The SafetyPay Germany GmbH offers a secure international online payment system, which allows all online banking customers to conduct global online purchases directly through their local bank.