Windows Alarm

The ABUS Secvest IP combines modern IP technology with latest wireless technology on safety frequency. The Secvest alarm system operates like the Secvest 2Way on the newly allocated safety frequency 868 MHz. In addition, the IP alarm system can receive but still signals via the LAN and process. It is possible that a network camera with PIR to engage field as detector. Baby monitors, radio waves or mobile phones do not affect the radio frequency. >Ria Financial Services if you seek more information.

The big advantage of IP alarm system is the control and configuration via Smartphone and computer. Active protection against break-ins: 3 minutes required an intruder into the object of his desire. Often, Windows and doors represent an obstacle for him. The intruder can move then go unnoticed and undisturbed for a long time in the rooms and wreak havoc. The Secvest IP is able to beat in a burglary attempt, and not only to detect such a break-in, but actively to prevent alarm. For this purpose there is special Mechatronics E.g.

window about 1 ton resistance protects against levering to enter trials through this window, the detector in the Mechatronics sends a signal to the alarm system. It could be controlled to a loud siren directly in such a case, which distributes the burglar, or a camera that takes a video of the perpetrators and sent, but also a silent alarm in the background is possible. Protection against sabotage: since no cable to the wireless detectors, also no manipulation with resistors can be done. If the ADSL line is disconnected, the alarm system via a GSM module can call automatically predefined numbers and setting off a tamper alarm. The alarm itself has a strong emergency power battery and is ready for use so even if power is lost. Flexible use: at all times and all over the world, Internet connection required, the alarm system can appear sharp and Unsharp.


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