Great Emotions

Fabulous decorating ideas around the British trap and the great day of all mothers! Leingarten, 31.03.2011 – the wedding season begins with the wedding of William and Kate. ard-ellis/’>Facility Management (FM) Services. In the merry month may not only married also the great day of all mothers will be celebrated. The wedding on April 29 and the upcoming mother’s day offer a great opportunity for a romantic decoration in shop Windows, sales areas or in the restaurant/hospitality industry. The Visual Merchandising specialist Woerner Leingarten offers best article around the topics of love and great emotions in his collection spring/summer 2011 heart and roses symbolize affection and love. Radiant roses heart in variable sizes and made of different materials, glittering or matt, emphasize the charm of the English love match. The wedding decoration is classic white. In addition to the glamorous wedding cakes romantic large prints, oversized, gold wedding rings, or a cute pair of wedding shoes bear witness to high heel”of the big event.

“The word Yes” in painted white wood or a romantic pigeon couple give the wedding package in the showcase that special touch. Since 1923 it celebrates mother’s day, which goes back to an initiative of the Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis in Germany on the second Sunday in May. The appreciation of mothers is huge all over the world. The holiday is not only a celebration of the heart but also of high importance. Absolute duration are in addition to flowers, jewelry and perfume.

The classic par excellence is an invitation to dinner on mother’s day. Bouquets are so popular, that in 1999 already on Tuesday before mother’s day due to the huge demand the flowers were the American online florist of ProFlowers. The tradition has a long history: already in ancient times, a sumptuous Spring Festival was celebrated in honour of the Mother Goddess Rhea. Find great pictures for decorating wedding and mother’s day, to free reprint with origin note the following download link: image Note: instructions for opening the download link (ZIP compressed folder for) printable image material) 1 step: download (click on link and download the ZIP file) step 2: Save ZIP folder (select target directory) step 3: ZIP folder open step 4: unzip a ZIP program (E.g. win ZIP / 7-ZIP / ZIP file) step 5: select target directory to unpack / set step 6: after successful unpacking, can be the folder opened as usual and the imagery used Manuele Herrmann public relations Henry WOorner GmbH


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