The Origin Of The Christmas Goose

The butcher informed Mason from Nuremberg for the vast majority of the residents of Germany, one thing is certain: a true Christmas goose belongs to manage Christmas party. But why we actually eat the Christmas goose? About the origin of the traditional German Christmas supper, butchery & Delicatessen reported bricklayer from Nuremberg. The Christmas holidays are the most important Christian holidays at all in addition to Easter and Pentecost. Their ceremonial ascent on German soil is approximately 1300 years and overlaps with traditions that precede the dissemination of the Christian faith. Also the manner changed with the time change with the circumstances, in the celebrated Christmas again. So, the December 24 was in the Catholic culture of the middle ages as the last day of the pre-Christmas fasting period in which it was forbidden to eat meat. The custom to serve Christmas Eve fish, often the Christmas carp, dates from this time.

On 25 December, meat was allowed again be enjoyed, so for centuries the custom was, a roast pork, the Mette sow”, to eat as a Christmas feast. For the simple population this was prohibitively expensive. She ate the blood known as Mette sausage or sausage to the Christmas. The goose prevailing nowadays in Germany as Christmas dinner finds its origin in the Catholic Martin day on 11 November. The lent prescribed in advent, which lasted until the Christmas started at this time. How many customs of fasting, so also this fasting time was initiated by a large feast, whose climax did a Roast goose, the St. Martin’s goose.

The goose belonged to the pre-Christmas season already in the middle ages. The introduction of the goose as a Christmas feast dated much later. Like most traditions, so also this with a legend is connected, which began in the year 1588. During the Christmas season of this year Queen Elizabeth I should by the defeat of the Spanish Armada against the English fleet be been informed, while she took a Roast goose. In the victory of the world largest sea forces it, so the legend, saw a good omen and explained the Roast goose for Christmas dinner in their joy. Of England have eventually spread throughout Europe the traditional Christmas goose. The truth of this legend can be challenged after all the mentioned conflicts on England’s coasts took place already in July and August 1588. Anyway, the Christmas goose in England was spread, before it was replaced by the Turkey, today the typical holiday meal of in the UK,. The wide spread of the Christmas goose of the increase in prosperity is actually during the industrialization. “The increasingly affluent population appeared to be as the traditional roast pork, the Christmas goose an exciting and more appropriate Christmas meal which the Mette sow” largely disappeared from the Christmas scene. The traditionally prepared Christmas goose is Germany’s most popular Christmas dinner. Usually she will be seasoned with salt, pepper, Mugwort, and Marjoram and filled with apples, plums or onions, applied. The wide spread of the Christmas goose in Europe in the course of the centuries has resulted in the emergence of various regional recipes. In Alsace, it is prepared and served with sauerkraut, for example, with a filling of Bratwurstmasse. A number of variations so offers adventurous Christmas friends. Butcher & deli Masons available at interesting Christmas goose recipes for advice anytime and wish a Merry Christmas.


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