Oncology Patients

Recent advances in electronics and optics, and the creation of new endoscopic instruments have greatly expanded ability to diagnose and treat patients with neoplastic diseases of different localization. Now is not the secret that the execution holitsistektomii (removal of the gall bladder) in 95%, and appendectomy (removal of the appendicular process), 86% performed laparoscopically. As a result, the appearance of sophisticated in its capabilities videopriborov many operations that previously could be achieved only by open, it was possible to perform minimally invasive technique using. Videohirurgiya reduces trauma and surgery in many respects facilitates the surgical diagnosis to conservative treatment, to evaluate the effectiveness of a previous treatment has helped to solve the problem of differential diagnosis and leads to a reduction in length of stay patients in the hospital. Advantages over traditional videohirurgii surgical technique in oncology: rapid onset of a special treat small traumatic cosmetic effect of reducing the frequency and severity of complications decreased need for medication reduction in length of hospitalization These advantages make VATS ideal method for diagnosis and treatment of elderly patients and patients who have recently conducted chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy. Thoracoscopy (videohirurgicheskoe intervention on organs of the chest) allows access to all structures of the chest. As a rule, thoracoscopy performed through small ports with a diameter of 15 mm. It allows, as amended by biopsy of tissue and ligation of vessels and bronchi.

In addition to the visualization of all segments of the lung, thoracoscopy provides access to peritrahealnym lymph nodes. Using thoracoscopy (Mini-Cams) in combination with conventional surgical instruments has led to videoassistirovannoy thoracoscopic surgery, which provides access into the chest cavity to the same extent as the thoracotomy. The size of the cut in videoassistirovannoy thoracoscopic surgical procedure can vary from a small 4-5cm to 15-20cm. Thoracoscopic surgery is less painful and traumatic procedure than thoracotomy. Operations performed torakosopicheskim access: space-occupying lesions biopsy, lung resection, lobectomy (removal of an entire lobe of the lung), removal of mediastinal tumors of various localization. Laparoscopy (videohirurgicheskoe intervention for abdominal and pelvic organs) allows safe for the patient to carry out interventions such as resection liver, nephrectomy (kidney removal), adrenalectomy (removal of the adrenal gland), surgery on the gastrointestinal tract of various sizes, resection of the ovaries, myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids), hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Such a plan hi-tech operations are carried out under general anesthesia in the operating-equipped with modern equipment. Small skin incisions made for access to the abdominal or thoracic cavity sutured cosmetic intradermal sutures after that do not are left with scars. At this point, almost all surgical interventions in oncology at the initial stages of the process may perform videohirurgicheskim way without violating the fundamental ways of oncology.


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