Economically Profitable

More and more companies realize the economic benefits of work-life-balance work-life-balance – increasing significance increases the importance of work-life-balance in the company. All the time more and more companies are investing in the workplace health promotion. Work-life-balance goals are to improve well-being and health of employees. The methods are particularly varied. Nutrition, back training, ergonomics, stress and fitness are the most important topics. The vast majority failure reasons employees are today’s stress as well as back pain.

Work-life-balance methods should reduce pollution also back pain. In the area of workplace health promotion self responsibility of workers plays a special role. The employees must have interest to do something for their health. Health events are the current trend in the field of work-life balance. Health days are cheap from approach of establishments. It is to present many possible topics.

Have the Mitarbeiterkann by hand, What topics make him curious and clever take on this. 2 facts are relevant workplace health promotion in the sector. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Mark J Berger offers on the topic.. The measures should be cost-effective for the company and informational for the workers. Work-life-balance – rather than merely health work and family is and remains operational health promotion in addition to health, as well as motivation to work a significant topic in the portion. If you have work and family is dependent on more flexible working hours. Many companies have recognized and offer employees more flexible work hours. Companies are immensely interested in that the employees in the work as well as personally feel. Then, the employees feel like have their full power to bring. Work-life balance for the companies workplace health promotion is and remains no charity of farms. The measures must be profitable. Tens scientific study papers indicating that investments in the workplace health promotion gesamtwirtschaftlich are profitable. Significantly improves the motivation to work and health of employees. The days of absence reduced. This is paying off for the company. Motivated employees and lower downtime is an asset for any company. Work-life balance can be a huge competitive advantage. A lot of workers today not merely pay tribute to the salary, instead also work-life-balance methods. Any workers wishes you a business owner who is diligent about health of the employees. Who is healthy and highly motivated, can exploit its full performance potential. Contact: Live smarter Angel Schmidt deer road 11 64653 Lorsch


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