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Notebooks are currently so cheap to acquire small, fine differences in the notebook world like never before. However, the purchase of a laptop will be deliberate. Blind purchases where only the price tag counts, often lead to disappointments. The online portal for auctions explained what should look for customers at the time of purchase. The most fundamental question when purchasing a laptop is probably according to the operating system.

Whether customers decide for a Windows PC by Microsoft or an Apple Mac, matter of taste is not uncommon. Apple has the better image, stands for quality and intuitive operation. However, it should be noted that Microsoft is catching up. According to experts, the new operating system Windows 7 in terms of security and ease of operation with Apple’s Mac OSX is similar. The advantage of a Windows PC is the price, which is usually lower for comparable models.

On the other hand, there is the wide range:, regards the computer as well as the software. This variety brings but also uncertainty. At the time of purchase, customers should just watch the processing quality: casing, keyboard and display should not inferior work. “What the inner values”, processor and battery power are key criteria. Dual-core processors are standard (dual core) with a clock speed of two gigahertz. Buyers between Netbooks and multimedia notebooks should differentiate with regard to the battery. The latter is more appropriate for operation on the socket because the high computing power quickly leach out the battery. Those who, however, opt for a NetBook, that he wants to use primarily on the road, should pay attention to a good battery.


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