Vitalis Health Centre Dusseldorf

Working with and friends is part of the corporate philosophy, sports with and among good friends is the desire for our members. After nearly seventeen years locally as sport, fitness, movement and health care providers in Dusseldorf, us has become especially important this goal. Support in a world that is dominated by dates, coercion, pressure and performance we want in addition to the topic health & movement above all the human”. And there is what there could be better if is to get fit and healthy together with and among good friends? Therefore, we are now offering our summer campaign to get to know and appreciation! Friends and acquaintances of our members, who do not know fitness and health training or our wellness and beauty offers in the Vitalis health centre Dusseldorf, pay only 19,90 euros in the first month. Our new fitness and performance test, with which they thoroughly checked from head to toe, works with the latest measurement technology.

Thus, it is possible to achieve optimum training control Risks are minimized and the fitness and health training is more efficient and effective. Who suffers from joint pain, should try our Shockwave therapy. After a few sessions, complete pain relief can be achieved. It is worth testing the shock wave therapy! For all Figurgeplagten, we offer the fat treatment with the latest technology, which was developed on the basis of NASA space technology. Drugs are not necessary and the treatment causes no pain. We advise all those who suffer from problem areas and cellulite, comprehensively and find the individual duration of treatment and the optimum number of sessions.

And last but not least, our new staff, who are happy to welcome old and new friends and maintain: Mira Kirscher, Jan Metzler, Johann Kessler, Frederike Sens, Dirk Wollny and Nils Hermanns. There is more information on our Facebook page or our website. And soon, there is also an app from us to download! The Vitalis health centre that Vitalis health centre in Dusseldorf is not only a Fitness Studio, but a Health Center for movement with affiliated centers of excellence for figure, nutrition and therapy. In the foreground, but supervised health training for young and old are not lifestyle or discount. The certified programs in the prevention and rehabilitation sports are recognized by all statutory health insurance. Thus, the cost of the courses in the framework of statutory provisions are applied. Friendliness, helpfulness, warmth and family atmosphere are relevant services, with which the Vitalis wants to be measured. The range of services includes the gym with machine training, courses and sauna, the Rehasportverein RehVitalisPlus e.V. with supervised health sports, Vitamed plus physiotherapy for all cash and private patients, as well as the Vitalis beauty center with cosmetic treatments, wellness massages, medical foot care and nutrition consultation with targeted fat reduction.


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