Dusseldorf dentist Dr. Hans-Dieter John provides targeted assistance in his bad breath clinic. Antidote such as water and pills are useless and cost a lot of money. Every fourth German has bad breath. A giant market for manufacturers of mouth water, tablets and alternative ingredients, which all promise to help fight the unsightly problem. Each affected emits on average around 312 EUR a year for alleged cure, which benefits is more than doubtful”, the Dusseldorf dentist Dr.

Hans-Dieter John has calculated. He has founded the Dusseldorf therapy center of halitosis and offers professional and ultimately cheaper help in his bad breath clinic. A bad breath treatment carried out according to the latest scientific findings here only 190 euros. It is cost less effort than often many years of taking by means of halitosis. Now we know that 90 percent of the causes of bad breath directly into the mouth and throat can be found. Bacterial coverings, and inflammations are the reason for the bad smell”, explains the dentist. The usual triumphant as the mouth water suppress only the smell, rather than to eliminate the cause. This can be useful for a short-term problem.

The bad breath persists but longer, the causes need to be explored necessarily.” Because untreated infections, as well as hidden inflammation can endanger teeth and jaw bone and become the catalyst for serious diseases. It is even more important to a diagnosis, the specialized dentist Dr. John performs according to international best practices. The breath of the patient is first measured with the halimeter. The amount of measured sulphur compounds indicates whether a bacterial infection is present. Depending on the measuring result, the dentist controlled so teeth, gums and tongue, to accurately locate the bacteria or to find hidden inflammation. To do this he can also draw on the MMP-8 test. This measures the inflammation fabric MMP-8 quickly and painlessly and indicates whether undiscovered Inflammation is present. It is considered certain that the fabric of this inflammation can trigger heart attacks, strokes and premature births. Latest findings prove cancer even to a connection with the emergence. The thorough and professional therapy is therefore about the Elimination of unpleasant odour and a key preventive measure for the whole body. As part of the treatment, the oral cavity is thoroughly cleaned – much like when a professional tooth cleaning. While the livelihood is extracted from the bacteria. In addition, the fixed layer at the back of the tongue is removed. In the wake of the halitosis treatment, each patient receives a personal care recommendation that exactly suits his situation and prevent a resurgence of the infection. In his bad breath Clinic Dr. John cares also special forms of mouth odor, as it can occur in pregnant women, children, young people and older people. Halitosis centres already exist in many large cities of Munich and Hamburg”, explains Dr. John, it was therefore important to provide a professional point of contact for those affected in Dusseldorf.” For the experienced dentist and university lecturers, the bad breath therapy is a consistent complement to existing practice areas such as Periodontology and implantology. On request, the practice is also dates outside of office hours (including weekends). This, however, a timely appointment is necessary.


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