Nail Enhancements

Artificial nails – it's an outlet for women with brittle, fragile and thin nails. Gel and acrylic nails thicken and allow it to grow to normal length. If you do not get carried away with patterns, inlays, and appliques, and not do unnaturally long fingernails, the building looks completely natural. Gel and acrylic – transparent materials, nail looks like its covered with varnish. On top of the finished artificial nails can be use any color paint.

The very process of building is as follows: you little sawed off the top layer, then your nails are covered with a protective composition, the top – a gel or acrylic and fix it all with special lamp. Thus, we can increase the length to make a permanent French manicure or experiment with different designs and rhinestones – but more elegant and more natural look is usually clear nail polish. Artificial nails takes – more time-consuming procedure than the usual manicure, and takes a couple of hours. The effect lasts, depending on how fast your nails grow. Under favorable conditions, a manicure can look absolutely perfect for about two weeks.

Then becomes noticeable difference between the cuticle layer and the edge of accrued and will need to make a correction. If you want to get rid of artificial nails, you need to cut down the upper syllable nail – but it is better to entrust it to a professional. Nail Extensions Gel is specially formulated for applying nails to dry by using ultraviolet radiation. Gel nails have the following features: – in during growth does not emit odor Gel – gel nails have a natural shine – for this they do not require additional polishing or applying a colorless lacquer – gel nails have a natural look – gel nails from Masters Salon De Charm possess high strength – marigold preserve the pristine beauty and the cold, and when you enter a warm room. Gel nails are encouraged "to wear" those who have weak nails. Gel nails possess the plasticity of natural nails, but do not require special care. Another significant plus gel nails – is that in order to remove the varnish from the nails, you can use any means (including those containing acetone), lacquer is allowed to apply before the application core framework. Crystal nail tip of nail is transparent. Especially good are the nails for the design. Marigolds look very original. Hollywood Nails on the prepared nails applied 3-phase soft pink gel. Nails look as natural. Porcelain nails are laid-phase gel in several stages. Prepared to lay out the nail pink transparent gel, then matte or pink with glitter (optional). The advantage of such nails is that they rarely break and are very strong. Drawback: the strong impact could damage its nail plate, so go with nails very carefully. Correction nail polish results look great, and kept for a long time: 3 to 4 months, with monthly correction. The correction of nail adjusted the boundary between regrown gel coats and nail to the desired value decreases regrown nail length, about half – thickness, and the remaining half is the same as in the first procedure of capacity. Additional information at Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. supports this article. Room Correction Nails are usually 50% of the original price increase.