Climbing Plants

One of the areas landscape style in the modern world of landscape design – style "naturgarden. This style is so versatile and plastic that you can use to complete virtually any part of the garden: from the recreation area with fireplace, barbecue and garden furniture deliberately rough to the playground with a house, "lurking" in the crown of the tree, from the shadow to the flower garden in the elegant mixborders palisadnike.Esli someone wary foreign word "Naturgarden, explained: because of ingrained habit called a garden, natural, or environmental. Again, it is not clear? In general, this is a garden in which reigns the natural and feel good and people, animals and plants. This style just perfect for the case when a small area should be submitted to functional areas as much as a complete set and there is no way to visually isolate them from each other. Yes, and for large areas he comes at least – the best estate in Russia to equip it to this principle: a garden with lime avenues, centuries-old oak trees, impassable thickets of wild rose and served as a natural extension of the nearest forest, and it was difficult to establish the boundary between nimi.Prirodny style allows for flexibility to address any problems that arise during construction.

The only pity is that these gardens are extremely popular in Europe and England (though, like all spheres of life, one way or another connected with the environment), we have in Russia is still considered .KLYuChEVYE natural garden design ELEMENTS: 1. When you create a garden to tend to the preservation of natural topography, soils, existing rasteniy.2. Provides for a possible wider variety of habitats – from dry creek to a deep reservoir of solar clearing up the gloomy lesa.3. Species of plants from the world over preferable sortovye.4. Some corners of the garden is not consciously learn, leaving them in the first vide.Sady building, filled with air landscape style – the perfect place to relax where you can find a cozy refuge from the stresses of modern life. In comparison with the strict geometry of the regular style landscaped gardens are soft lines and smooth contours. Any solid surface covered with vegetation. Borders are given as picturesque hills of randomly interwoven plants.

Climbing Plants freely climb the walls of the house, the trunks of trees and shrubs. Bushes trimmed only in those cases, if you need to get rid of sick and unnecessary branches, but their appearance is natural. Formation of the crown is made in rare and special sluchayah.Elementy landscape style gives the impression of maturity, even if the garden is relatively young, especially in cases where to hide unsightly construction under a dense cover of foliage. Quite unsightly building can be given full charm, if putty rovat plants sharp corners or rough coated surfaces. Even most featureless, rectangular garden will become an element of mystery, if it is symmetrical layout will be hidden by overlap to the waves of vegetation. English landscape garden has many faces. Taking its name, and reliable geographic residence permit foggy Albion, he still roams around the world, gaining unique features of the natural landscapes of the places where his creators.