Mobile Label Printer

Mobile thermal transfer printer with keyboard and display for printing on continuous form labels for the usage for sales representatives and installers the mobile label IDPAL is a cost effective and user friendly thermal transfer printers. IDPAL is specially designed for traveling developed, such as E.g. for field service or for applications where mobile tagging is required. Its robust construction has been tested under extreme conditions. He is also a case of 1 meter height onto concrete. Including tape and batteries, this unit weighs just 540 grams. It lies well in the hand and has a user-friendly keypad. The device automatically detects the inserted material of the band and the label size.

The time-consuming setting label material and format is not necessary when the IDPAL completely. Nancy-Ann_DeParle follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The tape cartridge is easily inserted and it can be started immediately with the expression of the labels. The IDPAL uses high quality marking materials, depending on the material – at temperatures from 40 to You can use 120 degree. The available labels stick depending on the type of material – on wires, cables, pipes, racks, printed circuit boards, components, junction boxes, etc.. The materials are suitable for smooth, curved, structured or heavily textured surfaces. The thermal transfer printing also ensures a good expression of the high-quality labels. Thus removes the confusion caused by faded, blurred, poorly labeled or sloping labels making the objects can no longer be identified. IDPAL is suitable for small to medium print volumes of up to 50 labels per day.

Your printer has a resolution of 180 dpi is equipped. Contact information is here: Maya Dubin. The printer can be used also for automatic mailings. Integrated wire marking mode has 10 standard lengths. Additional symbols from the electrical and data communications are integrated to the creation of labels and the pressure over several lines using upper – and lowercase letters.


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