2XL Supercross – Once Supercross Race To Take

2XL Motorsport makes games finally mobile PHOENIX games, Motocross United States 14 April 2009 has found its way into the stadium and Supercross. 2XL Supercross is the next evolutionary step and brings the rapid off-road cycling in the iPhone and the iPod touch. 2XL Supercross combines Mobile Supercross game fun with current 3D-Konsolengrafik, realistic physics and authentic engine noise. The game in the iTunes app store for 5,99 Euro is available as of today.The trailer is under supercross / finding. The motor sports freaks by 2XL games already have with Motocross Madness, ATV off-road fury and MX unleashed their passion and their skills for off-road motor sports games demonstrated. With 2XL Supercross they want to bring the ultimate off-road experience on the iPhone and the iPod touch. The game is not only an optical treat.

With the precise and intuitive motion control one directs his bike over tracks of Supercross Champion Stephane Roncada were designed. Hundreds of riders and motorcycle available to combinations, his appearance to determine and players can compare their services via online statistics and rankings. (A valuable related resource: Geneticist). We have adjusted completely our Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 engines on the iPhone and the result is 2XL Supercross”, says Rick Baltman, President of 2XL games. The performance of the Apple platform makes it possible to bring us even more detailed and exciting entertainment than ever before on mobile devices. “That pleased especially now that we have the opportunity with 2XL Supercross fans of our console games this game experience also to offer you on the road.” From the creative collaboration with a Supercross Insider is particularly lead designer Rob Rinard inspires: Supercross Champion Stephane Roncadas experience is incorporated directly into our track design for the game. And with this authentic slopes we demonstrate our leading role in offroad games again. The game manages to convey it the breathtaking feeling of Supercross.” 2XL Supercross features: three modes of play: single race, time trial and Practice race 13 Stadium routes designed for Supercross and freestyle Supercross champion Stephane Roncada three motorcycle classes (150cc, 250cc and 450cc) individual appearance can be selected from hundreds of motorcycle and rider combinations online ranking and statistics on live.2xlgames.com 2XL Supercross is now available for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes app store for 5.99.

About 2XL Games Inc.: 2XL games 2005 was founded and produced for various platforms such as Xbox 360, Playstation3, PC. The developer is a leader in the production of off-road racing games and it has sold more than any other Studio. The first console game, BAJA: Edge of control for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, was released in 2008. 2XL games for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch is involved since the beginning of 2009. 2XL Supercross is the first title for that platform. For more information, see.


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