The Classroom

Its problem is in obtaining to concentrate itself and to understand what the question is asking for, any colloquy to its redor the flame attention, and this makes to it to commit errors some fatal times in the resolution of the exercises, perhaps for unreliability and shame, during the explanation has shame to say that it did not understand. It suffers therefore, and tries to reward of other forms, its card index of mathematics extremely is organized, the leves does not have no ear, it writes well to devagar so that its letter is optimum possible. According to FONSECA (1995 p 264): ' ' The children with OF are normally described for the parents and alive and fabulosas, nervous and neglect the professors as, irrequietas and uncontrolled, explorativas and manipulative, irresponsible and negativistas, unstable and impulsive possessive and fiery-tempered, disarranged and disorganized, conflituosas traquinas, etc.' ' But who knows Peter truily agrees that although to present some of these characteristics, it also it possesss other marcantes characteristics, being one of the main ones, its affection and affection for that they give attention to it, then we cannot judge a pupil after to see its diagnosis medical, each person possesss proper characteristics, and us as professors we must be intent to also identify in our pupils the good characteristics. During the tests the concern is perceived even though in its feio and desperation, frequently calls the professor to ask if the question is certain, that only answers not to be able to say. It obtains excellent notes in works, but in the tests its performance is bad. Its excuse for the taken off note is always the same one: – I wise person substance, but I did not obtain to understand what it was to make. The teacher of mathematics of Peter, is without a doubt fantastic, obtains to arrest the attention of the group during the explanation, is very patient when taking off doubts, excessively possesss an excellent domain of the classroom without being authoritarian, its lesson is relaxed and the pupils demonstrate to like.