Cure Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the hip (Koxarthrose) According to the directives of the German Society of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (NOOH) and the Professional Association of Orthopedic Specialists (PAO), the main causes of osteoarthritis hip joints are: 1.Posledstviya injury: the destruction of cartilage, acetabular sustavnoyvpadiny, hip dislocation, fracture, contusion of the femoral head, femoral neck fractures, poor circulation vessels, supplying the femoral head, the axial deviation of bones after fractures. 2. Congenital anomalies of the hip: the deformation of the acetabulum – dysplasia, strains of hip-Coxavalga, Coxavara, Coxaantetorta head and strain hip. 3.Priobretennye deformation, Perthes disease, epiphysiolysis. Inflammatory hip: bacterial, rheumatic, metabolic diseases, necrosis of the femoral head due to injury, the use of drugs, alcoholism, renal disease, decompression sickness.

4. Consequence of other diseases: osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and cancer. Unclear idiomatic reasons. Important facts that may affect the development of osteoarthritis: previously conducted operations on the hip joints and blood vessels, intra-articular injection, tumors, or metastases in the affected limb, thrombosis and embolism medications: blood thinners (eg, hormone and aspirin), metformin, drugs, contributing to an increase in bone metabolism (eg, cortisone) allergies, obesity, different leg length, change the axis of the legs, recurrent urinary tract infections, dialysis. Prevention and prevention of hip osteoarthritis: the restoration of joint congruency after injury, adequate treatment of hip fractures, prompt treatment of injuries, necrosis, dysplasia, to avoid overburdening in sporting activities, corrective osteotomies, reconstructive surgery on the femoral head and acetabular osteochondral reconstructive surgery. Characteristic symptoms of osteoarthritis of hip joints: pain in the joints when getting up from bed at the beginning of movement (walking, running), knee pain, pain in the hip joint during exercise and movement limitation and difficulty in moving sideways, rotation and flexion, pain while reducing the muscle, lameness, muscle atrophy, pain at rest, pain in the back.


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