Rap Artist

In this article I would like to talk about people who are an example for me. Offhand remembered three of these people. I think more and not need it. Unfortunately, neither one of them did not personally sign. Not to say that I've been watching every action these people will not say that following their advice, or (do not know) I do everything as they are. Simply, these people call me a feeling of genuine admiration and pride from what they are. On what they are.

Denis Grigoriev (Pencil) Rap Artist from Cheboksary, who had long lived, wrote poetry and music in Moscow. Whatever it was, that whatever is said about Denis, but for me it is primarily a man who writes beautiful music and great lyrics. To say that I was his idol? I do not think it would be appropriate and correct. Although, again, whichever sense to invest in this definition. I just like the creativity of Dennis.

Good, beautiful lyrics by good music – it's certainly good, but it is not the only reason because of which I select the Pencil in rurepe (although, no doubt, this is the main reason). Denis touches not only words, how much sincerity, which permeated every track. I almost do not know anything about the personal His life, but I do not think this is necessary. He has a son, a beloved wife. He's probably happy. Are falling, the failures, but who they do not happen. Actually, a few signed up and forgot about the purpose mentioned by Dennis in this context, and goal was a well-defined.