Textiles Flair In April At The Garden World Castle Rheydt

Explore Schloss Rheydt in April 2011 in the garden world textiles-flair.de! The name of this Internet shop is at the same time! To imagine its new customers and also the root visitors even in the real world, you can find a stand of the popular web shop in the garden world Schloss Rheydt from 15-17 April 2011. In these 3 days, you have the special opportunity not only the decorative fabrics of the current collection and beautiful country house fabrics with small designs to see as a visitor, but the trendiest yard goods of other assortment is presented by the owner. Convince the admirable appealing colors and plunge into the world of the decoration and of beauty. Of course textiles-flair.de leads also in stock these days, which can be purchased directly at the booth. The established Internet provider for decorative fabrics, sold by the meter and country house fabrics has come up for its visitors to Schloss Rheydt also some innovations themselves. So you must examine not only the current pattern and all Watch News trade fair, in addition the owner will give you Astor in addition that present trends of spring and the upcoming summer Heidi. No date could be more appropriate than these 3 days in April 2011 in time to the first expected sun rays together with textiles-flair.de adopt the cold and uncomfortable winter to welcome the spring.

This participation in such an event is a challenge for the owner, but adopted. Heidi Astor is absolutely convinced as owner and responsible of the quality, individuality and elegance of your range. According to his own statement, this pattern should be presented simply on an exhibition. Only to new clients or all regular visitors can decide by touching and looking at that it is sought out high-quality fabrics. A particular action has undertaken Heidi also Astor. Of course is the presentation of the patterns and colors of all sold by the meter in the foreground of the event.

Equally the Managing Director wishes but also the exchange of experience with the visitors, either as a hobby or professionally processing decorative fabrics. What ideas do you have? What could you make out of cushion covers or table linen from this uniquely beautiful fabrics? Can I also combine certain patterns? Something to learn in this area and to share this knowledge with others, the person wishes the exchanges with all interested guests. The conversation at the booth is an integral part of the event. Last, but not least, textiles-flair.de to this exposure in the unique romantic atmosphere of the Renaissance Schloss Rheydt in Monchengladbach, Germany leads with well priced especially notable quotations. Directly at the booth of Mrs Astor, you can directly look at the special offers and also purchase. Due to the rarity of these events you truly do not often get to enjoy a so extensive decoration fabric, country house fabrics and other wonderful decorative accessories presents to get. Schloss Rheydt is worth a trip on all normal days. Why plan not a day for the visit in the period of the small exhibition from 15th to 17th April 2011. In addition to the assortment of Mrs Astor with her very textile flair, also various other exhibitors are registered.