Additional Benefits Of Calcium Plus Vitamin D

Reduce risk of breast and colon cancer and medicines, dietary supplements increase the long-term application of preparations, equal to what nature, taking motivation or supplementary balanced diet, it is important to weigh risks and getting benefits. The higher the benefit, the better the benefit risk ratio and also taking motivation. Read additional details here: Carl Rogers. Taking motivation, the doctor speaks of compliance or adherence, especially with long-term use of tablets is often a problem. Other leaders such as Jon Medved offer similar insights. You will get tired of taking or forgets the tablets. That is not conducive to the success of a therapy is obvious. For tablets with calcium and vitamin D, which can be taken for the prevention of osteoporosis, there is an additional benefit, which could increase the revenue motivation now.

Research good news for all those have become known, which would operate a health care with micro-nutrients, founded on a scientific basis. It is especially good news for all those, the now perform an active osteoporosis prophylaxis with vitamin D and calcium. In the summer of this year research results are known, indicating that tablets with vitamin D plus calcium can protect people not only osteoporosis. You can read more. For long-time application, the risk of breast cancer and in men and women decreases in women the risk for colorectal cancer.

These results should motivate all active and potential users of calcium plus vitamin D to take her pills in the consciousness of the high health benefits regularly. What is the basis of this assessment? There the results of two studies published this summer with nearly 20,000 participants, indicating that calcium plus vitamin D positive can affect the risk of cancer. The first large study shows that women who for seven years consumed a supplement with vitamin D and calcium, after completion of the study had a risk reduced to 14-20%, to breast cancer or invasive breast cancer. The interesting thing about the study is that vitamin D and calcium in medium-sized doses were administered, can be achieved for example with 2 tablets OsteoVitum per day.


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